event offroad iof imi ancol september 2020

Event – Urban Beach Adventure – Ancol, 18-20 September 2020

Event  Urban Beach Adventure di pantai Jaya Ancol tanggal 18-20 September 2020. Acara diselenggarakan oleh Ikatan Motor Indonesia – Jakarta dan Indonesia Off-Road Federation. Kelas 1 : 1000,  2: under, 3:upper Biaya Rp 2.000.000,- Biaya sudah termasuk : kaos 2 pcs sticker tiket masuk Ancol 1 tiker masuk kendaraan prodock Terbatas 100 peserta, hadiah 3 […]

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am putranto ketua dewan pembina iof

Kunjungan ketua Dewan Pembina IOF ke Untung4x4

Pada tanggal 18 Juli 2020 Untung4x4 mendapat kehormatan besar. Pak AM Putranto, sesepuh dan ketua Dewan Pembina IOF (Indonesia Offroad Federation), berkenan mengunjungi toko kami di Bogor.   Pada kesempatan itu beliau sempat meninjau gudang kami dan membagi pengalamannya dalam dunia offroad. Untung4x4 – Distributor Resmi King Shock

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Don’t Be A Loser

Unless you get involved now to save Johnson Valley, we all lose. On April 27th, 2012, the United States Marine Corps will submit their Final Environmental Impact Study which will start a chain of events to forever close 160,000 acres of the Johnson Valley OHV area. Currently, only 2% of Southern California desert is open to OHV use. If this were to happen, available land would shrink to only 1%!   

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King Shocks and Tavo Vildosola Take the Overall Win

For some, the 2016 SCORE-International Baja 500 was the most demanding race they’ve ever been a part of. For Vildosola Racing, the extreme temperatures that plagued these racers was no match for the #21 Trophy Truck of Tavo Vildosola. In the scorching heat pushing nearly 120 degrees, Vildosola won his first career SCORE-International Baja 500, averaging a speed of 56.86 miles per hour, three minutes faster than Rob MacCachren, and finishing in eight hours, twenty minutes and fifty-five seconds.

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